Kuhne Anlagenbau Open House: December 3 – 4, 2018

On December 4, 2018 Kuhne Anlagenbau GmbH held an Open House at its site in Sankt Augustin, Germany to highlight the latest developments in its Triple Bubble® biaxially oriented and its Cool Bubble® water quenched blown film technologies.

The agenda included morning presentations by personnel from Kuhne and resin suppliers Dow/DuPont and Kuraray. Topics included the use of Triple Bubble® technology for the development of the films of the future by Kuhne, the reduction of packaging waste by Dow/DuPont, and the role of EVOH in the new European packaging strategy by Kuraray.

After the morning presentations and a lunch break, there were live demonstrations of a 13-layer Triple Bubble® line and a 3-layer Cool Bubble® line:

The showcased Triple Bubble® line is configured for the production of very high barrier, shrinkable and non-shrinkable films, including barrier recyclable films. These films are typically used for food packaging but are increasingly finding use in industrial applications. The line can produce film widths (double layflat) from 250 – 900 mm (10” – 35”) with thicknesses from 15 – 150 µm (0.6 – 6 mils) at an output of 250 – 280 kg/h (550 – 615 lb/h).

All 13 extruders are the same size and operate with melt pumps. This allows them to process multiple types of materials, e.g. PET, PA, EVOH, PP, all types of PE’s, EVA, EMA, Ionomers, COC, etc. The 13-layer die is Kuhne’s Mo-Con (Modular Concept) design, which has the flexibility to process different types of resins as well.

The showcased Cool Bubble® line is configured for the production of films used in the manufacturing of medical fluid bags, e.g. IV bags. Typical materials processed are PP, PE, EVA and SEBS. The line can produce film widths (double layflat) from 400 – 900 mm (16” – 35”) with thicknesses from 100 – 500 µm (4 – 20 mils) at an output of 400 – 450 kg/h (880 – 990 lbs/h).

The 3-layer die is Kuhne’s Re-Con (Regular Spiral Concept) design and is manufactured of a special steel alloy with a unique coating.

Approximately 90 guests representing 70 companies from all over the world attended the Open House. All the attendees were impressed by Kuhne’s technology, satisfied of having attended the event and declared it a success.

For more information visit: https://kuhne-ab.de/en/

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